KIT Video Conferences for Committees

Planning a Session

Sessions must be booked or reserved via Manage sessions. There, a separate session is created for each event, which must be forwarded directly as a URL to the participants.  Participants can be admitted to the session one after the other via a waiting room.

Join Session

As Moderator

The moderator opens the session in good time via the respective URL by entering the access data for moderators on the login page.

As Participant

The participant joins by calling up the URL from the invitation email or by calling up the login page. Important: the access data are confidential and provide direct access to the session. They must therefore not be passed on.

Preparation and test environment

You can test BigBlueButton itself as well as the technical requirements of your computer, your browser and especially your audio and video configuration by registering as a moderator (Test as moderator) or participant (Test as participant) in our test meeting.